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It's a "hand-up", not a "hand-out"


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A Country

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and is only 710 miles from the coast line of the United States. The citizens live day by day in order to provide for their existence. However, they have a remarkable spirit. They do not have reliable electricity, running water, modern bathrooms, or traffic laws, but they still manage to get their children clean and dressed for school each morning. Even after the devastation of the 2010 earthquake, they have hope where many see nothing. Millions of dollars were donated through relief organizations, but it takes hard work and hands on dedication to get results. LOVEHaiti focuses on restoring personal pride by inspiring self worth and empowering the children and their families to create hope for a better future.

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Learn. Outreach. 
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Our Mission

Education is vital for these children to have a future. By teaching them to sew they learn a valuable skill and a marketable trade. A trade that will enable them to earn a living. 

A brief history behind LOVEHaiti

 After the earthquake in 2010, many children were left homeless and turn to crime and prostitution as means of survival. I felt an immediate urge to help. LOVE Haiti originated as my Girl Scout Gold Award project. To complete my project I worked with the Foundation Severe d' Haiti (FSH), the non-profit organization that runs a school, the Hebron Academy, and the Creative Sisters Ministry (Warner Robins, GA). The foundation, located in the village of La Trembly near Croix-des-Bouquets one of the only three free schools in Haiti that provides food,shelter, medical care and spiritual enrichment to 385 kids and the surrounding community. My goal was to reach out to a group of girls at the Hebron Academy, and with the help of Anera Dian and Creative Sisters  teach and empower these girls through sewing to provide for themselves and their families. The project is three fold: gather supplies and materials to make the handbag; teach the sewing class in their native language; and develop markets in the United States to sell the handbags. The profits are distributed equally between the girls, the school, and the materials. The children and these girls represent the future of Haiti and they need help.

A Quick look back...

Our Focus




Develop and continually create opportunities to increase awareness and markets for the products to sustain the mission. We purchased the domain and trademarked our logo.

Giving the girls hope to inspire a meaning of self worth, to help the children of Haiti take control of their future, and give them hope for the future. 

Donate time, energy, services, and to help the children of Haiti. We establish a timeline and travel to Haiti to create personal bonds with the children.